St.Angela de Merici, the Patroness of our Congregation

St. Angela de Merici, the Patroness of our Congregation
Founderess of the Order of Ursulines

Angela Merici, or Angela de Merici, (21 March 1474 – 27 January 1540) was an Italian religious leader and saint. She founded the Order of Ursulines in 1535 in Brescia.

She died on 27 January 1540. Her body was clothed in the habit of a Franciscan tertiary and interred in the Church of St Afra, Brescia.

Saint Angela Merici was beatified in Rome on 30 April 1768, by Pope Clement XIII. She was later canonized on 24 May 1807, by Pope Pius VII.

Mother Petra had a very high esteem and appreciation for her contemplative spirituality and active missionary zeal. So, Mother Petra had taken St. Angela as our Patron Saint. The Congregation Dinasevanasabha has added to the Merician Family in the year 2007.