Mission abroad


We raise our hearts in gratitude to God for we consider it as a sign of grace and divine providence that we are able to serve the Lord in the soil of Germany where our beloved Foundress born and brought up. Our sisters started services at Dortmund in Germany in the year 1987 and extended to Oelde, the native place of our holy Foundress in the Diocese of Munster, to the Dioceses of Fulda, Bruehl, and Koeln. Here, the sisters are taking care of the sick, old and mentally challenged and participate in the pastoral work. The main responsibility of our sisters in Germany is to serve the elderly people and prepare them for a peaceful death. Sisters go for the house visiting and they give necessary spiritual guidance and counseling to the people. So also our sisters make arrangements for the people to receive the Holy Sacraments and also lead them in prayers and thus help them to grow in faith. The sisters who are working for the mentally challenged are helping them to learn the daily living skills as well as acquire other skills according to their mental capacities.

Sisters working in Germany Caring the Old
 Bernadus Haus
 Oelde,G e r m a n y
 Email. sr.elisheba@priesterseminar-Fulda.de


Though, the Congregation had started service in one of the aged home at Sansepelero in the Diocese of Arezzo in Italy in the year 1995. We discontinued our services from there after ten years of contract with the Diocese.

DSS Mission in USA

DSS is privileged to serve the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas in USA. His Grace Most Rev. Gustavo Garcia Siller, the Archbishop of San Antonio invited DSS sisters to collaborate in its mission. Three sisters reached at San Antonio, Texas on 7th April, 2016. Sr.Jessy is serving at the Catholic Charities, the social service center of the Archdiocese, San Antonio, Sr.Deena at St. Francis Nursing Home, San Antonio and Sr. Preetha at St. Henry Catholic Church, South Flores Street, San Antonio as Director of Religious Education. St. Henry parish church community offered a house for the sisters in the same campus. The hospitality of the Archdiocese and the fraternal support of Indian Priests helped the sisters to adjust with the new situation. DSS is happy and grateful to God that the assigned works of the sisters are in tune with the Charism of DSS Congregation.

 Sr. Jessy George DSS
(Servants of the Poor)
1709 South Flores St.
San Antonio, Texas 78204
E mail: dssus16@gmail.com