The members of the Congregation Dinasevanasabha devout themselves to the service of the poor especially in remote rural areas with the aim of aiding the poor with various developmental schemes and catering to their spiritual and physical needs through Pastoral and Family apostolate, village work, Basic health care, primary education, psycho social support to the marginalized, women empowerment, child protection, rehabilitation home for the aged, disabled, jail released women, cured mentally ill women, orphanages, Foundling home and centre for Adoption, special schools, HIV care & support, community development programme, Community based Rehabilitation programme for the disabled and HIV/AIDS, pain and palliative care, Vocational training centers, small scale industries, housing programme, marriage help,Educational aid, school outreach programme etc.

Following are the Institutions run by the Congregation through which the Congregation renders service to the poor and needy

  Home for the aged men & Women   11
  Adoption centre and Foundling Home   1
  Rehabilitation Centers for jail released women   1
  Orphanages   1
  Home for the women in distress   1
  Rehabilitation centre for the disabled   1
  Special School for hearing impaired   1
  Higher Secondary School for the hearing impaired   1
  Special School for the Mentally Challenged   1
  Boarding Home for Hearing Impaired (HI)   2
  Homes & School for the Mentally Challenged   5
  Home for the Physically Handicapped   1
  Community Based Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled (CBR)   2
  Physiotherapy Unit   1
  Orthotic Unit   1
  Rehabilitation Center for the cured mentally ill women   1
  Tailoring centers   12
  Hostels   8
  Printing press   1
  Religious articles and Book centres   3
  Nursery schools  17
  Nursery & Primary school   5
  Boarding for the poor children   3
  Boarding for the Tribal girls  2
  Bala Mandal  41
  Non-formal education centre  56
  Dispensaries  19
  Home for the HIV/AIDS infected & Affected children   4
  Home for the HIV/AIDS women   2
  Home for the HIV/AIDS patients   1
  Home for the Deaf & Blind   2
  Stabilizer Assembling unit   6
  Home for Leprosy affected   1
  Community Care centre for HIV/AIDS   1
  Vocational training Centers   1
  Pain & Palliative care unit  2
  De- addiction centre   1
  Hospice   1
  Adolescent girls Group   21
  SHG’s   92

Services rendered in Other Centres


  Home for the Aged   1
  Home for the Mentally ill women   1
  Taking care of the street children   1
  Boarding   4
  Primary school & Boarding   2
  Boarding homes & School   6
  Nursary   1
  School for the Hearing Impaired   2
  Home for the disable children   1
  Home for the Retired Priest   1
  Boarding for Tribal girls   2
  Home for the HIV Children  3
  Rehabilitation centre for jail released women   1
  Palliative care   1
  Service at Retreat Centres   2


Snehaniketan foundling home is the licensed agency for adoption, which is one of the remarkable activities of Dinasevanasabha. The Foundling home has been started in the year 1973 and got the license from the Government for adoption services both in country and inter-country in the year 1978 with the aim of giving care and protection to the abandoned and relinquished infants, below the age of five. We get the children from un-wed mothers from hospitals, road, ‘AMMATHOTTIL’ etc.

‘Adoption’ is not finding children for families but, finding families for children. The Congregation runs a separate registered home named “St. Angela Home for the Women in Distress” for the un-wed mothers. The home offers pre-natal and post natal care, periodical medical check-up and counseling services to the inmates.

Adoption: Inter country – 376
               In country – 210
              Total – 586

Contact: -
Snehaniketan Foundling Home
Pattuvam P.O.
Kannur Dt. 670143
Kerala, India.
Ph. 0460 2220985, Mob: 9447113262
Email: dssadoption@gmail.com