Amal Jyothi Vice Province

Amal Jyothi Vice Province took its origin on 1st June 2007 by the official declaration of the Superior General. The Vice Province includes 15 houses which spread over five states of India, namely, UP. M.P., Jharkhand, Odisha, and Chattisgarh.

 Address   Administration Team
Vice-Provincial Superior
DSS Amal Jyothi Vice Province
Judepur, Budha Village,
Balaja Road,
Jhansi, 2
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Sr. Salesia DSS           -  Provincial Superior
Sr. Rephaela DSS       -  Asistant Provincial
Sr. Hebsiba DSS         -  Councilor & Secretary
Sr. Lourde DSS          -  Concilor
Sr. Deepa DSS          -  Councilor
Sr. Cyreena DSS        -  Provincial Auditor



Provincial Superior
Sr. Salesia DSS
Provincial Administration Team
Sr. Deepa, Sr. Rephaela, Sr. Salesia, Sr. Hebsiba, Sr. Cyreena, Sr. Lourde